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"Victorian Fashion" needs no introduction. This section includes not only a fabulous selection of images, but details about fabrics, colours, and even sewing instructions. This section also includes articles on fashions considered "historic" in Victorian times.

Victorian Fashion

Victorian gown 1888

Girls' Own Paper - 1880 (Vol. 1)
The Dress of the Month, by A Lady Dressmaker
Fashions for February-September 1880.
Fashionable Costumes of Long Ago
Hairdressing Extraordinary
Showing some hairstyles from 1815-1873.
Hats and Bonnets of the 19th Century, by S.F.A. Caulfield
My Lady's Jewel Case, by Clara Mateaux
A brief look at gems, particularly diamonds, with a bit of history.
Winter Clothes and How to Make Them, by Dora de Blaquiere

Girls' Own Paper - 1880-1881 (Vol. 2)
Seasonable Clothing and How to Make It, by A Lady Dressmaker
Fashions for October 1880-September 1881.
How Dressing-Gowns are Made
How to Make a Gentleman's Dressing-Gown
Mourning Attire, by S.F.A. Caulfield

Girls' Own Paper - 1881-1882
Dress: In Season and In Reason, by A Lady Dressmaker
Fashions for 1881-1882.

Girls' Own Paper - 1882-1883
The Fairy of the Family: Family Clothing, by Dora de Blaquiere
A four-part series on how to buy, clean, mend and renovate clothing.
Dress: In Season and In Reason, by A Lady Dressmaker
Fashions for 1882-1883.

Girls' Own Paper - 1886-1887
Dress: In Season and In Reason, by A Lady Dressmaker
Fashions for 1886-1887.
A Vexed "Woman's Question", by Isabella Fyvie Mayo
How does one define the "well-dressed woman" (and what should it cost?)

Victorian Roman apron
Girls' Own Paper - 1888-1889
Dress: In Season and In Reason, by A Lady Dressmaker
Fashions for 1888-1889.
What Should We Afford for Dress?, by Dora La Blaquiere
Provides some actual costs of clothing in 1888.

The Strand - 1891
Letters from Artists on Ladies' Dress
Contemporary painters were asked, "What is your view of the present style of ladies' dress?"

Historic Newspapers

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