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Food, Recipes and Tea

1890's Victorian Kitchen

Eras of Elegance: A Victorian Menu

Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management
The complete text of this classic recipe and household management book.

Shana and Natalie's Victorian Recipes

Victorian Cake Recipes

Victorian Christmas Recipes

Victorian Christmas Recipes

Victorian Foods in 1850,1-0,victorian_foods_in_1850,FF.html

Victorian Recipes

Victorian Recipes

Victorian Recipes

Vintage Homemaking

Tea and Tea Parties

Afternoon Tea Recipes/High Tea Recipes
Wow -- start here in your search for recipes! There are dozens on this page alone, plus information on tea etiquette, tea brewing, and more.

History of High Tea
This page is packed with information and links relating to tea.

A History of Tea
Sponsored by the UK tea council.

How To Host A Victorian Tea Party

It's Time for Tea - Dawn Copeman
The differences between high tea, afternoon tea and cream tea.

Sonya's Tea for Two

The Tea Tradition

Tea Travels - by Ellen Easton
This marvelous series covers just about anything you could want to know about tea, including tea with the queen, tea etiquette, how to host a tea party, tea recipes, and... well, lots more. Definitely a "first stop" in your quest for tea info.

Victorian Tea Recipes

Victorian Tea Time Recipes

Historic Newspapers

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