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Why you need to refinish your bathtub


If you live in a fairly old house, the chances are that you not comfortable with the condition of some areas like the bathtub. As such, you need to replace it and start enjoying the benefits that come with a new one immediately. Unfortunately, this can be a costly undertaking. The good thing is that some home improvement company can help you with bathtub refurbishing, which is essentially breathing life into your old tub without buying a new one. That said, contact a bathtub refinishing company and have the bathtub of your dreams.

Benefits of bathtub refinishing


WAsSDFWAeWhen viewed from a cost perspective, bathtub installation can be a costly undertaking. If you are not in a position to buy a new unit, bathtub refinishing is equally viable. As a matter of fact, bathtub refinishing leaves the entire unit looking new. Money saved from the refurbishment process can be channeled to other areas.

Time saving

Replacing an old bathtub can be time-consuming. The time taken to remove an old tub can take anywhere between a couple of days to even weeks. In most instances, the duration taken depends on the nature of the workforce or the condition of the bathtub. For example, if you have old pipes, the process of removing and installing might take much longer. Therefore, you need to consider bathtub refinishing if you want the job done in a matter of days.

Custom upgrades

If you bought a house with a bathtub that does not appear to be too good or you are tired of the looks, you do not have to buy a new one to make those vital changes. As expected, any experienced bathtub refinishing service provider should be able to help you change things like the color or ever offer some functional upgrades on the existing unit. The other good thing about with specialists is that you are also assured of having long-lasting results.

Extends the life of your tub

AsqWEDqwedqWJust like a new bathtub, a refurbished one can last for a long time. In this regard, doing some refurbishing serves to lengthen the life. When done properly, any bathroom refurbishment exercise done by professional should be able to add more than ten years provided it is well taken care of.

If you are no longer comfortable with the condition of your bathtub and you are not ready to install a new one, the best thing to do is to enlist the services of a company that specializes in refinishing bathtubs. You stand to gain a lot by refinishing the bathroom.…


Reasons to hire an arborist


An arborist is a person highly trained in the field of planting, maintaining, and caring for trees. Proper caring for trees would not only give an aesthetic reason but also add value to your property. As the property owner, it is good to consider the reasons to hire an arborist.

Why hire an arborist?

Most of the arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture(ISA) that specializes the art and science of trees; there is a higher percentage rate of work efficiency, safety, and legit. The arborist could also offer different services to protect and maintain your property.

Tree planting and caring

They could recommend a suitable type of tree in the right place. Considering the desired location as well as the quality of the soil is essential for the healthy growth of the tree. Furthermore, they can assist you with fertilization, insect control and other related services on growing trees.

Tree maintenance

An arborist could recommend the pruning for each tree to sustain its health and safety. Pruning could not just be done using a tool like a chainsaw or any other tool on a ladder; it is then necessary to hire an arborist to prune the tree with proper equipment and safety gears skillfully. Hiring somebody just from the next door could lead you to liability as the coverage of the accident insurance resulting from the inexperience techniques in doing the job. So, it is better to hire a certified and skilled arborist.

Tree removal

It is usually the last resort for a homeowner to solve tree problems in the yard. But, an arborist could determine if it would be the final solution. If it would, they have skills and equipment to remove the trees safely. The act of removing a tree is dangerous, a professional like an arborist who could perform this terrible job safely and efficiently.


How to find a skilled and efficient arborist could be your next question. There are a lot of tree company that employs highly qualified arborist, ISA certified and professionally affiliated with different organizations. Tree company in Independence has arborists on staff that is certified, affiliated, skilled and experienced that provides excellent tree services to the clients. So, if you are living near or within the state of Missouri, you can give a try in hiring the company. You could also have further readings regarding the topic for more information and guidance.…


Tips for attic insulation


Tips For Attic Insulation

When it comes attic insulation, you do not want to get stuck with your draft forever. A great attic insulation will not only spare you more energy but as well save your money. It is advisable to know the type of insulation that can work best within your premises. Technology has advanced and so has the insulation industry. There are several types of insulation that you can go for. This calls for due diligence to go for the right deal. This article will help you make the right decision about all insulation matters. Continue reading to understand the most important tips for a great attic insulation.


Finding a professional installer

Attic insulation requires a qualified person to the installation correctly. However, you can still resolve to do it yourself though it can be a very daunting task. Doing the spacing work during the installation can be a demanding physical task. This comes in especially when you need to determine the spacing. You also need to buy protective equipment like the respirators, gumboots, and gloves. This can make very expensive as compared to hiring an expert. This kind of people are always committed to their job, and they are after satisfying their client’s needs. Therefore, they will use the top-notch skills in doing their job. Also, make sure you do not fall in scammers or amateurs trap. You can check online views or get recommendations from the people you know. A professional installer has all the required equipment in handling the job.


The type of insulation

You should always choose the right type of attic insulation for desirable results. With the huge advancement in technology, there are obviously many choices to choose from. The most popular materials used in insulation are spray foam, fiberglass and the blown in cellulose. You should note that some given materials can only be used in specific areas in your home, for instance, the attic. Avoid choosing randomly because this can leave you disappointed. Without proper research, you can easily waste a lot of money on something that does not bring any impact after the installation. It is good to consider both the energy and the amount of money used whenever you are making an order. Other types of attic insulation include; the foam in a board, rolls and batts, HPVC, the loose fill and the rigid foam board.


Safety precautions

As aforementioned when you are doing it on your own, you need to procure safety gear to prevent you from harm. If you decide to hire a professional installer, then make sure they have all the safety equipment. For instance, fiberglass insulation has recycled metal and even glass sediments. They can cause itches and hives if handled without protective gears. They should as well cover the eyes to prevent the particles from entering into the eyes. Ignorance can cost you, and you may become blind for that matter. Avoid inhaling the material’s fumes by covering the nose. Without a nose cover, the fumes can affect your lungs, and tgffyou will incur a loss settling medical bills.…


Guide when picking a suitable upholstery cleaning solution


It is close to impossible to maintain spotless upholstered furniture.Eventually, there comes a time when there develops a buildup of dirt and soil. Household accidents create the need for undergoing a professional fabric clean session. Alternatively, our upholstered furniture should remain a regular vacuum. Vacuuming removes the dust and dry soil. However, some areas such as the arms and kick skirts start showing marks and discoloration. Skin and hair oils require being thoroughly removed so as to prevent damage to your fabrics. Removing stains and spills through vacuuming alone is insufficient.


A majority of fabrics used in quality upholstery cleaning are clean-only while others require professional dry cleans. This is what the manufacturers demand.  Upholstery Cleaning companies with experience are equipped with the knowledge and expertise in identifying the fiber content on your fabrics, thus; it is important to contact with them on this basis. With the right equipment and cleaning techniques, you will be able to receive exceptional results.


Is the upholstery cleaning company up to the task?

At the outset find out if the company under consideration is capable of cleaning the furniture using solvent extraction equipment which is capable of dry cleaning the furniture. Most companies prefer using water-based which is accompanied by a high level of risk. Manufacturers’ usually recommend dry cleaning your fabrics. The designer fabrics usually require top quality care during maintenance. On that basis, if a cleaning company is unable to offer a dry cleaner for your fabrics, avoid it.


Opt for a company that is preferably a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (N.C.CA.). This will guarantee an ethical operation and training of technicians who have several years of experience under their belt. That way you are assured of quality results which breathe new life to your upholstered furniture. Your cleaning package must include pre-treatment of stains, pre-vacuuming and hand cleaning on areas of heavier soil. Eventually, this is all followed by solvent extraction cleaning. Search for a company with a long history in specialist cleaning and contains a valid physical address. Feel free to visit their premises. Once this is avoided ensure that the company you are considering allows you to talk with members of the management once work is complete to say you are pleased with the service.



Upholstery cleaning tips

When cleaning non-greasy stains on it is advisable to use warm water. The cleaning of the furniture should not involve too much water as this might bring about water stains or mildew. The drying process can be speeded up using a fan, alternatively, you can dry your furniture out in the sun. When you are away from home for over a week, it’s advisable to safeguard your furniture by placing a slipcover.


Following these basic cleaning guidelines for upholstered furniture, you will arrive at a top quality company. It might be your family couch, favorite chair, or other pieces of furniture, that needs cleaning. Accumulation of dirt on the fabrics can make them look old and worn. In worst case scenarios, food spills may have left permanent stains on your furniture if action is not taken immediately. This is where professional upholstery cleaning comes in handy.…


Top 5 attributes of the best home construction and selling companies


Most of us would chant back in grade school, ‘first comes love, then comes marriage.’ As we grew older, we came to realize that a good home completes the rest of the phrase. A decent home is so precious to anyone who values the good life. The foundation laid for a home is the most important. This is because the durability of the home is based on it. When it’s not taken as seriously as it should, it will eventually come crumbling down.

Home construction and selling companiesgtryryryrtyrtyrtyrty

According to experts, going about the home business alone can be quite draining. Talk about the contacts linked to the best clients among others. It also involves because you need to know the key players in the plumbing and electrical wiring industry.

On the other hand, a reliable home construction and selling company like Minneapolis home builder experts will ease such kinds of burdens. They have all the expertise needed when it comes to landing the best deals in homes.

That’s not all, home selling and construction companies have all it takes to fulfill your heart’s desire.

Attributes of the best home construction and selling companies

As you begin your search for these companies, here are the features you should prioritize on;

  • They should have been in the business for long – This means that they will be able to tackle all problems that might come along the way. They’ll know just where to get everything you might need.
  • Must have a valid certification from the relevant authorities. This is the only way to ensure that you are not dealing with con artists. When you happen to visit their offices, you should ask them to provide you with the documents in question.
  • Excellent customer care services. This includes giving a helping hand and listening ear whenever called upon to do so.
  • Positive of a bright future ahead. They see every problem as an opportunity to become better. This means that the more obstacles they face are, the more splendid they become at what they do.
  • Highly rated and regarded by other clients for their excellent services. If other homeowners speak highly of the company in question, they have made a name for themselves. This means that you have no reason to doubt them.

How to get hold of these companies

By now you must have seen how essential these home selling and constructing companies are to you. The big question on your mind right now is how to get connected to the right ones. This is no cause for alarm as they are all around us for this same reason.

The very first place to look for them is online. Most of the established home selling companies use the online platform for marketing purposes. Take advantage of it and ensure that you are keen enough.


There is no better time and reason to involve your family in your personal matters than this. Your parents have been in this scenario before and will definitely be of help to you.…


Saving energy costs at home: mistakes to avoid


Energy consumption at home is one of the bills which stress most people at homes. With the advancement of technology and machine use, people keep on adding various devices which rely on power to function. At the end of the day, they add to the cost of energy. Choosing the best energy deals for your home can, therefore, be of great help to any homeowner who relies on many machines at home. However, people end up paying more on energy bills due to various mistakes they can avoid. Here are some of the mistakes to avoid.

Mistakes to avoid to save energy costs

Using incandescent light bulbs

gfhhfghgfhfghfghgfgfhThe incandescent light bulbs use more energy to provide the same amount of light than the energy saving bulbs. As a homeowner, opting to use these bulbs will automatically lead to a higher energy cost. Unfortunately, they are still in the market despite most governments in the world making efforts to replace them with energy saving bulbs like LED. You can avoid this mistakes by embracing the call to use bulbs that save energy at your home and office.

Buying commercial appliances for domestic use

If you are keen, you will realize that domestic appliances and machines consume less power than the commercial ones. The results are usually the same in most cases, however. Most domestic appliances are versatile in an attempt to save on energy. As much as they promise that commercial options are more durable, the domestic appliances can give a long service if used well.

Failure to check the energy consumption guidelines

gfhfghgfhfghfghgfhAll appliances show the amount of energy they consume through their watt. Those with high watt may be more effective may be more efficient, but they add more to the energy bill. Before buying any appliances like a TV set, a refrigerator or any other device, it is good to do a background check on energy saving tips that it comes with. As the world is pushing for more energy saving devices, manufacturers are coming up with interesting ways on how to save energy.

Not using a smart thermostat at home

This is a relatively new technology that every home user should embrace. A smart thermostat can tell when people are not in the house and switch off the power of all devices that are left on and do not need power at that time. According to energy saving experts, a smart thermostat has helped people to save up to 30 percent on energy bills. You need to have one installed in your house today.…


% reasons to have an automated garage door


A car is a valuable asset to many. Thus, it is important to put measures to ensure your vehicle is safe not only from theft but also from adverse weather conditions. One key way to ensure this is by having a garage with an automated door opener. The latter has numerous advantages. This article will look at some benefits of having an automated garage door. Read on for more insight.


This is one of the main advantages of investing in an automated garage door. This type of door qadwqaWaDSallows you to open the garage just by clicking a button. Thus, you do not have to struggle opening and closing the door. it can be so convenient especially when you are in a hurry. As such, why should you not invest in an automatic garage door?


This is yet another reason for investing in an automatic garage door. Certainly, if you are a car owner, safety is nothing to joke about. With an automatic garage door, you can lay assured that your car is safe all time and anytime. No one can open or close the garage without having a remote. Also, in some instances, before you open, you need security control passwords. Best of it all, if you are fond of forgetting to close your garage, some automatic door openers have a feature that allows the door to close automatically.

Increased efficiency

Manual opening makes the door susceptible to wear and tear. This implies that with time you will have to replace the door or have a sudden crash down that will certainly compromise the security of your car. With an automatic unit, you can be sure that your door will serve you for ages. This is because automatic opening minimizes on the chances of wear and tear.

Energy efficient and minimal maintenance cost

WSEASDQwThis is another key benefit of investing in automatic garage doors. These type of doors take care of unnecessary heat losses. More to this, you do not need to have occasional repairs, as the chances of sudden breakdowns are rare. Nevertheless, occasionally you will be required to have your garage door services.

There is no reason for not investing in an automated garage door. However, it goes without saying that you need to work with for a quality unit and the perfect installation.


14 Original Victorian Articles and Illustrations

Welcome to!
How did the Victorians live? Was their attitude toward life truly “positively Victorian”? How did they view the rest of the world — including America? What challenges faced Victorian women? And how did one handle the ever-present servant problem?

Who could answer these questions better than the Victorians themselves? This site offers thousands of pages from Victorian periodicals and books (plus a few that stray a few years to one side or the other of that period). We now have more than 500 articles on the site, and plan to add more than 100 more each month. The majority of the articles on this site come from The Strand (of Sherlock Holmes fame) and The Girl’s Own Paper, but we’ll also be posting pieces from a variety of other publications, including Chatterbox, Ladies’ Realm, Woman’s Own, Little Folks, Leisure Hour, and many more.

So whether you’re looking for reference material on the Victorian period, or some just plain entertaining reading, you’ve come to the right place!



What You’ll Find…

Victorian Life
Some up-close, personal looks at how Victorians lived and worked, as well as the problems they faced. Catch a glimpse of Victorian weddings, fetes, holidays, and celebrations; learn the secrets of Victorian etiquette; view some of the oddities received by the Royal Mail!
Etiquette, Manners and Morals
Why is it vulgar to scrape excess butter from one’s knife onto the side of the plate? Why should one refrain from speaking loudly? Why should expectoration and the use of the handkerchief be confined to one’s room? Actually, there were often excellent reasons for what might seem to us a quintessentially “Victorian” code of “etiquette.”
The Working Life
Everything to do with jobs, work, careers, and the working life — from the plight of London working girls to some unusual careers “suitable” for the Victorian lady!
Victorian London
London was the heart of the Victorian world. In this section you’ll find articles on every aspect of London life, from its palaces to its opium dens. Follow the Thames Police in action, visit the Home for Lost Dogs, find out how London street-children earn their living… and so much more!
Fashion and Costume
Most Victorian “costume pages” give pictures and little more; the articles on this site offer not only fabulous images but detailed discussions of fabrics, colours, and instructions on how to create “the latest look.” This section also offers articles on hats, bonnets, and hairstyles — as well as glimpses of “historical” fashion (from the Victorian perspective).


Articles on topics considered “historical” by their Victorian readership — such as the story of a 16th-century “Princess of Thule,” Marie Antoinette, the violin-making town of Mittenwald, and more… This section also includes contemporary archaeological accounts and military history (past and contemporary).
Lore and Legend
Victorians adored folklore. Discover the lore of flowers, birds and beasts; meet the Egyptian model for “Cinderella.”
Royalty Then and… Well, Then…
This section offers some interesting and often personal glimpses of Victorian royalty, contemporary royalty in other countries, and royals throughout history.
Arts, Crafts and Needlework
Victorian magazines were chock-full of “how-to” pieces that can often be followed just as easily today This section provides a selection of articles on knitting, crochet, embroidery, other forms of needlework, and some slightly more unusual crafts such as screen painting, smoke painting, book-binding and more.
The Victorian Home
The Victorian period is famous for, well, being Victorian! We’ve all heard about such eccentricities as putting skirts on tables and pianos to hide their “limbs.” But the Victorian home wasn’t necessarily a just pile of overwrought clutter. Here are some tips for Victorians on how to furnish, decorate, and care for their home and household (including tips on how to manage the household servants).
Cooking and Dining
Looking for the ideal Victorian menu for a winter feast? Searching for a historic delicacy or two? This section offers an array of articles on Victorian cookery that should tantalize the tastebuds — plus tips on how to arrange an attractive table, how to serve a meal, and more.
Health and Medicine
A section presented for its historical value only!
Animals, Nature, Gardens and Country
Stroll through Britain’s idyllic (and idealized) countryside; gather a bouquet of wildflowers; meet some unusual and even exotic pets; discover how to plant “an old-fashioned garden”… This section offers articles and gorgeous illustions by naturalists and others who sought to preserve as well as praise the countryside and its beauties.
Objects and Antiquities
From figureheads to smugglers’ devices, from furniture to oddities from the lost and found, this section deals with “things” and their history.
Travel and World Cultures
The well bred Victorian was a well traveled Victorian. Here are some glimpses of Britain and the world through Victorian eyes — including that upstart country, America! Plus, Victorian views of world cultures.
Fiction and Poetry
Sit back and relax with a Victorian tale of mystery (yes, we have Sherlock Holmes!) or adventure (try Bret Harte or Alexander Pushkin). Here you’ll find a host of classic tales from The Strand and other magazines.
Just for Kids!
Tales and articles for children from The Strand, Chatterbox, Little Folks and others.
Coming Soon… Victorian Image Gallery!
A beautiful collection of high-resolution images that can be downloaded for framing, use in greeting cards, or whatever captures your fancy.
Especially for Writers:

Victorian Girls’ and Women’s Names
I’ve compiled pages from various issues of Girls’ Own Paper that list the names of competition winners – it’s a great source of information on Victorian girls’ names! (Who could resist writing about Jemima Muir or Catherine Snowball?) Eventually I’ll try to retype this list as a single Word file, but for now…
Names – 1880
Names – 1881-1882
To explore this site by magazine rather than by topic, go to our Magazine Index page. Click on a title to view that volume’s table of contents, with links to all the articles that are archived on this site. (Later we hope to add a topical index that will make it easier to look up very specific subjects, such as “Victorian Cross” or “Royal Mail.”)

If you have a website that is related to Victoriana, please let us know so that we can add a link to your site. If you offer a product that is somehow Victorian in nature, why not consider advertising on our site? For more information, please contact Moira Allen, Editor.

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