There are different materials which are used in making a roof. These roofing materials include metal, asphalt shingles, slate, composite roofing, clay/concrete shingles, and wood shingles.

Wood shingles

This is one of the best choices when it comes to roofing. Wood shingles are attractive as compared to the other materials. Wood has a nice texture, and it can also be used on the steep roof. Additionally, wood shingles are suitable and recyclable since they are made using a sustainable material. Some of the species used in making wood shingle include cypress, pine, redwood and red cedar. Many people prefer this roofing material due to its aesthetics. Wood shingles should be installed by an experienced professional. The only problem with wood shingles is that they are fire proof. You are advised to avoid installing these roofs in areas which are prone to seasonal wildfires. Again wood shingles succumb to decay and rot over time. This means they should be kept clean and free of debris. Regular maintenance and inspection are also required.

Slate roof

Slate shingles roofing is one of the most long-lasting and durable materials. Slate shingles are made using genuine stones this roof is heavy just like the concrete and clay tiles. This means that your roof should be well designed to support its massive weight. Many people prefer the slate roof due to its durability and beauty. Additionally, this roofing is visually appealing, long-lasting and fire proof.

Composite roofing

This roofing is found in different materials such a plastic combinations, fiber cement, and rubber. This roofing has the same styles as slate or wood, but it is more affordable and lighter than slate. Furthermore, this roofing material can be installed over the standard roof structure. However, this roof is new in the market, and its functionality and long-term sturdiness are yet to be known


Metal roofing is made from aluminum, steel or copper. It has the same shape like tiles and sheeting. Metal roofing is noncombustible, long-lasting and resistance to ice and snow. Metals will require a protection since they are prone to corrosion. Metal roofing will require a big gutter to control the runoff. Metal roofs are known for spilling water at a faster rate as compared to the other types of textured roofing.

Asphalt shingles

Asphalt shingles are the most popular roofing materials. These shingles are economically priced, and they have a long warranty. In fact, asphalt shingles can compete with the other expensive roof types and roof materials.