One is required to understand the behaviour of the pest to control them. Pest needs shelter, food and a place to breed for them to multiply. Pest can be eliminated by disrupting these basic needs pest are created differently. Some needs standing water. Some crawl while some fly. Pests are tough creatures which can hide anywhere. You can find them in cracks and the darkest corners of your house. The following are some of the steps used in controlling pests at home.

Removing stagnant water

This is helpful in preventing mosquitoes. Apart from mosquitoes, there are other many pests which feed on water. Such pests will have a hard time when standing water is eliminated. Some of the items which can have standing water include empty containers, children’s outside toys and flower pots. Your property should be inspected properly to get rid of any stagnant water.

Cleaning up food

Food remains attract pests such as bugs. Crumbs are also attracted by counters having some food debris. Food remains should be cleaned up by wiping down the counters, cabinets and other surfaces. You should avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning up food. Instead, you are advised to use lemon and warm water.

Removing debris outside

This is another pest control method. Piles of debris can act as breeding grounds for pests. Any debris which sits still for a lengthy period can attract bugs. Any toy, furniture or grill which is not in use should be removed outside.

Treating evidence of pests immediately

Home owners should be aggressive in detecting the early signs of pests. For instance, ants should be prevented from entering the building once they are seen outside. Essential oils and cedar are effective in driving ants away. The yard should be treated immediately once you detect mosquitoes in your compound. However, you are advised to avoid using toxic chemicals. Instead, you should use natural and safe products. Roaches are controlled by spraying safe, natural products. There are many safe products which are used in killing and repelling pests. Pest can be eliminated by attacking them quickly and swiftly.

Sealing cracks in your home

Some homes are very porous. There are some tiny bugs which can hide in these cracks. Doors and windows should be sealed to control such pests. Areas having the plumbing pipes can also act as hiding places for pests. Outdoor electrical outlets can also harbour bugs. These areas should be sealed completely using grout, spackle, and caulk to prevent bugs.