An arborist is a person highly trained in the field of planting, maintaining, and caring for trees. Proper caring for trees would not only give an aesthetic reason but also add value to your property. As the property owner, it is good to consider the reasons to hire an arborist.

Why hire an arborist?

Most of the arborist certified by the International Society of Arboriculture(ISA) that specializes the art and science of trees; there is a higher percentage rate of work efficiency, safety, and legit. The arborist could also offer different services to protect and maintain your property.

Tree planting and caring

They could recommend a suitable type of tree in the right place. Considering the desired location as well as the quality of the soil is essential for the healthy growth of the tree. Furthermore, they can assist you with fertilization, insect control and other related services on growing trees.

Tree maintenance

An arborist could recommend the pruning for each tree to sustain its health and safety. Pruning could not just be done using a tool like a chainsaw or any other tool on a ladder; it is then necessary to hire an arborist to prune the tree with proper equipment and safety gears skillfully. Hiring somebody just from the next door could lead you to liability as the coverage of the accident insurance resulting from the inexperience techniques in doing the job. So, it is better to hire a certified and skilled arborist.

Tree removal

It is usually the last resort for a homeowner to solve tree problems in the yard. But, an arborist could determine if it would be the final solution. If it would, they have skills and equipment to remove the trees safely. The act of removing a tree is dangerous, a professional like an arborist who could perform this terrible job safely and efficiently.


How to find a skilled and efficient arborist could be your next question. There are a lot of tree company that employs highly qualified arborist, ISA certified and professionally affiliated with different organizations. Tree company in Independence has arborists on staff that is certified, affiliated, skilled and experienced that provides excellent tree services to the clients. So, if you are living near or within the state of Missouri, you can give a try in hiring the company. You could also have further readings regarding the topic for more information and guidance.