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Guide when picking a suitable upholstery cleaning solution


It is close to impossible to maintain spotless upholstered furniture.Eventually, there comes a time when there develops a buildup of dirt and soil. Household accidents create the need for undergoing a professional fabric clean session. Alternatively, our upholstered furniture should remain a regular vacuum. Vacuuming removes the dust and dry soil. However, some areas such as the arms and kick skirts start showing marks and discoloration. Skin and hair oils require being thoroughly removed so as to prevent damage to your fabrics. Removing stains and spills through vacuuming alone is insufficient.


A majority of fabrics used in quality upholstery cleaning are clean-only while others require professional dry cleans. This is what the manufacturers demand.  Upholstery Cleaning companies with experience are equipped with the knowledge and expertise in identifying the fiber content on your fabrics, thus; it is important to contact with them on this basis. With the right equipment and cleaning techniques, you will be able to receive exceptional results.


Is the upholstery cleaning company up to the task?

At the outset find out if the company under consideration is capable of cleaning the furniture using solvent extraction equipment which is capable of dry cleaning the furniture. Most companies prefer using water-based which is accompanied by a high level of risk. Manufacturers’ usually recommend dry cleaning your fabrics. The designer fabrics usually require top quality care during maintenance. On that basis, if a cleaning company is unable to offer a dry cleaner for your fabrics, avoid it.


Opt for a company that is preferably a member of the National Carpet Cleaners Association (N.C.CA.). This will guarantee an ethical operation and training of technicians who have several years of experience under their belt. That way you are assured of quality results which breathe new life to your upholstered furniture. Your cleaning package must include pre-treatment of stains, pre-vacuuming and hand cleaning on areas of heavier soil. Eventually, this is all followed by solvent extraction cleaning. Search for a company with a long history in specialist cleaning and contains a valid physical address. Feel free to visit their premises. Once this is avoided ensure that the company you are considering allows you to talk with members of the management once work is complete to say you are pleased with the service.



Upholstery cleaning tips

When cleaning non-greasy stains on it is advisable to use warm water. The cleaning of the furniture should not involve too much water as this might bring about water stains or mildew. The drying process can be speeded up using a fan, alternatively, you can dry your furniture out in the sun. When you are away from home for over a week, it’s advisable to safeguard your furniture by placing a slipcover.


Following these basic cleaning guidelines for upholstered furniture, you will arrive at a top quality company. It might be your family couch, favorite chair, or other pieces of furniture, that needs cleaning. Accumulation of dirt on the fabrics can make them look old and worn. In worst case scenarios, food spills may have left permanent stains on your furniture if action is not taken immediately. This is where professional upholstery cleaning comes in handy.…