The Victorian Working Life
This section looks at everything to do with Victorian working life, from jobs and careers for Victorian women (from frame-making to poultry-keeping), to the plight of the Victorian working girl.

Girls’ Own Paper – 1880 (Vol. 1)
A Contrast
A look at the plight of Victorian seamstresses.
On Earning a Living
Several articles on careers “appropriate” for a well bred Victorian girl.
The Standing Evil: a Plea for Shop Girls, by Mrs. Strange Butson
An interesting little article recommending a sort of portable one-legged stool that shop-girls could “wear” to give them a chance to rest between customers.
The Working Girls of London, by Mrs. G.S. Reany

Girls’ Own Paper – 1881-1882
Girls’ Work and Workshops, by Ruth Lamb
An extensive look at women’s employment in 1881.

Girls’ Own Paper – 1886-1887
Every Girl a Business Woman, by James Mason
Subtitled “A Practical Guide to the World of Industry and Thrift,” with loads of details on how to handle all types of “business” matters such as correspondence and money.

Girls’ Own Paper – 1888-1889
How Working Girls Live in London, by Nanette Mason
Poultry-Keeping, by Theo
Everything you needed to know about raising poultry (including an additional article on pheasants).

The Strand – 1891
A New Industry for Ladies, by Grace Harriman
About the “Ladies’ Fruit and Salad Gardens… established… to provide pleasant homes and remunerative employment for gentlewomen who have a taste for gardening and wish to add to their incomes or to earn a living.”