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Effective Ways of Improving Your Home’s Appearance

Every person has a dream of having a beautiful and a nice home. However, people have limited resources to enable their houses to look as amazing or appealing as they wish. There are some great tips which can help you in improving your house even without too much effort. These tips will ensure that you do spend a lot of money on your home project.

Making the entrance look inviting and beautiful

People will first see your front door when looking at your home. It is therefore important to ensure that your door is fresh and clean. This can be achieved by prepping your old doors by painting them. You do not need to buy a new door. When painting the door, you are supposed to choose a paint color which compliments your home. Again, it is important at to ensure that your home of kept free of any clutter. Anything stored on your porch can make it look less appealing. The windows around your front doors should also be cleaned. The front door can also be made more inviting by placing a decorative item like a wreath near it.

Keeping the pathways and sidewalk clear

This will involve sweeping all the dust to ensure that your pathways are clear and free of debris and leaves. Any pathway which is missing or crumbling should be replaced. You can also consider adding some stone pavers in the pathways to improve their appearance.

Keeping the yard free of clutter

The yard should always be tidied up. Some considerable amount of effort might be required for those individuals having children. The kids’ outdoor toys should be kept away when they are not using them. The pet’s waste should also be cleaned as soon as possible to make sure that the outdoor is clean. The yard should be kept free and clean by removing the excessive clutter. The outdoor plants and lawn should also be taken care of. If you have no time to mow your lawn, then you can hire someone to do the job. Alternatively, you can install an artificial lawn since it requires low maintenance.

Repairing the broken items

Any shutter which has fallen off should be fixed right away. The fence should also be repaired when it is knocked over. The broken items can ruin the aesthetics of your home. You can also hire someone to repair the broken items if you are unable to fix them.

Installing adequate lighting

Additional lighting will help in making your home more beautiful. Attractive lights should be installed near the front doors. LED lights should be used for the outdoors to save the electric bill.




Effective Ways of Preventing Pests

One is required to understand the behaviour of the pest to control them. Pest needs shelter, food and a place to breed for them to multiply. Pest can be eliminated by disrupting these basic needs pest are created differently. Some needs standing water. Some crawl while some fly. Pests are tough creatures which can hide anywhere. You can find them in cracks and the darkest corners of your house. The following are some of the steps used in controlling pests at home.

Removing stagnant water

This is helpful in preventing mosquitoes. Apart from mosquitoes, there are other many pests which feed on water. Such pests will have a hard time when standing water is eliminated. Some of the items which can have standing water include empty containers, children’s outside toys and flower pots. Your property should be inspected properly to get rid of any stagnant water.

Cleaning up food

Food remains attract pests such as bugs. Crumbs are also attracted by counters having some food debris. Food remains should be cleaned up by wiping down the counters, cabinets and other surfaces. You should avoid using harsh chemicals when cleaning up food. Instead, you are advised to use lemon and warm water.

Removing debris outside

This is another pest control method. Piles of debris can act as breeding grounds for pests. Any debris which sits still for a lengthy period can attract bugs. Any toy, furniture or grill which is not in use should be removed outside.

Treating evidence of pests immediately

Home owners should be aggressive in detecting the early signs of pests. For instance, ants should be prevented from entering the building once they are seen outside. Essential oils and cedar are effective in driving ants away. The yard should be treated immediately once you detect mosquitoes in your compound. However, you are advised to avoid using toxic chemicals. Instead, you should use natural and safe products. Roaches are controlled by spraying safe, natural products. There are many safe products which are used in killing and repelling pests. Pest can be eliminated by attacking them quickly and swiftly.

Sealing cracks in your home

Some homes are very porous. There are some tiny bugs which can hide in these cracks. Doors and windows should be sealed to control such pests. Areas having the plumbing pipes can also act as hiding places for pests. Outdoor electrical outlets can also harbour bugs. These areas should be sealed completely using grout, spackle, and caulk to prevent bugs.



14 Original Victorian Articles and Illustrations

Welcome to!
How did the Victorians live? Was their attitude toward life truly “positively Victorian”? How did they view the rest of the world — including America? What challenges faced Victorian women? And how did one handle the ever-present servant problem?

Who could answer these questions better than the Victorians themselves? This site offers thousands of pages from Victorian periodicals and books (plus a few that stray a few years to one side or the other of that period). We now have more than 500 articles on the site, and plan to add more than 100 more each month. The majority of the articles on this site come from The Strand (of Sherlock Holmes fame) and The Girl’s Own Paper, but we’ll also be posting pieces from a variety of other publications, including Chatterbox, Ladies’ Realm, Woman’s Own, Little Folks, Leisure Hour, and many more.

So whether you’re looking for reference material on the Victorian period, or some just plain entertaining reading, you’ve come to the right place!



What You’ll Find…

Victorian Life
Some up-close, personal looks at how Victorians lived and worked, as well as the problems they faced. Catch a glimpse of Victorian weddings, fetes, holidays, and celebrations; learn the secrets of Victorian etiquette; view some of the oddities received by the Royal Mail!
Etiquette, Manners and Morals
Why is it vulgar to scrape excess butter from one’s knife onto the side of the plate? Why should one refrain from speaking loudly? Why should expectoration and the use of the handkerchief be confined to one’s room? Actually, there were often excellent reasons for what might seem to us a quintessentially “Victorian” code of “etiquette.”
The Working Life
Everything to do with jobs, work, careers, and the working life — from the plight of London working girls to some unusual careers “suitable” for the Victorian lady!
Victorian London
London was the heart of the Victorian world. In this section you’ll find articles on every aspect of London life, from its palaces to its opium dens. Follow the Thames Police in action, visit the Home for Lost Dogs, find out how London street-children earn their living… and so much more!
Fashion and Costume
Most Victorian “costume pages” give pictures and little more; the articles on this site offer not only fabulous images but detailed discussions of fabrics, colours, and instructions on how to create “the latest look.” This section also offers articles on hats, bonnets, and hairstyles — as well as glimpses of “historical” fashion (from the Victorian perspective).


Articles on topics considered “historical” by their Victorian readership — such as the story of a 16th-century “Princess of Thule,” Marie Antoinette, the violin-making town of Mittenwald, and more… This section also includes contemporary archaeological accounts and military history (past and contemporary).
Lore and Legend
Victorians adored folklore. Discover the lore of flowers, birds and beasts; meet the Egyptian model for “Cinderella.”
Royalty Then and… Well, Then…
This section offers some interesting and often personal glimpses of Victorian royalty, contemporary royalty in other countries, and royals throughout history.
Arts, Crafts and Needlework
Victorian magazines were chock-full of “how-to” pieces that can often be followed just as easily today This section provides a selection of articles on knitting, crochet, embroidery, other forms of needlework, and some slightly more unusual crafts such as screen painting, smoke painting, book-binding and more.
The Victorian Home
The Victorian period is famous for, well, being Victorian! We’ve all heard about such eccentricities as putting skirts on tables and pianos to hide their “limbs.” But the Victorian home wasn’t necessarily a just pile of overwrought clutter. Here are some tips for Victorians on how to furnish, decorate, and care for their home and household (including tips on how to manage the household servants).
Cooking and Dining
Looking for the ideal Victorian menu for a winter feast? Searching for a historic delicacy or two? This section offers an array of articles on Victorian cookery that should tantalize the tastebuds — plus tips on how to arrange an attractive table, how to serve a meal, and more.
Health and Medicine
A section presented for its historical value only!
Animals, Nature, Gardens and Country
Stroll through Britain’s idyllic (and idealized) countryside; gather a bouquet of wildflowers; meet some unusual and even exotic pets; discover how to plant “an old-fashioned garden”… This section offers articles and gorgeous illustions by naturalists and others who sought to preserve as well as praise the countryside and its beauties.
Objects and Antiquities
From figureheads to smugglers’ devices, from furniture to oddities from the lost and found, this section deals with “things” and their history.
Travel and World Cultures
The well bred Victorian was a well traveled Victorian. Here are some glimpses of Britain and the world through Victorian eyes — including that upstart country, America! Plus, Victorian views of world cultures.
Fiction and Poetry
Sit back and relax with a Victorian tale of mystery (yes, we have Sherlock Holmes!) or adventure (try Bret Harte or Alexander Pushkin). Here you’ll find a host of classic tales from The Strand and other magazines.
Just for Kids!
Tales and articles for children from The Strand, Chatterbox, Little Folks and others.
Coming Soon… Victorian Image Gallery!
A beautiful collection of high-resolution images that can be downloaded for framing, use in greeting cards, or whatever captures your fancy.
Especially for Writers:

Victorian Girls’ and Women’s Names
I’ve compiled pages from various issues of Girls’ Own Paper that list the names of competition winners – it’s a great source of information on Victorian girls’ names! (Who could resist writing about Jemima Muir or Catherine Snowball?) Eventually I’ll try to retype this list as a single Word file, but for now…
Names – 1880
Names – 1881-1882
To explore this site by magazine rather than by topic, go to our Magazine Index page. Click on a title to view that volume’s table of contents, with links to all the articles that are archived on this site. (Later we hope to add a topical index that will make it easier to look up very specific subjects, such as “Victorian Cross” or “Royal Mail.”)

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