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Welcome to, the largest topical collection of original Victorian articles available on the Web!

WHO WE ARE: is an ever-growing archive of articles from actual Victorian magazines, organized by category to make it easy to explore the aspects of Victorian life that interest you most. More than 2000 articles are already available on the site, and hundreds more are "in the works."

HOW WE'RE DIFFERENT: Many website offer archives of Victorian magazines. All the others, however, post magazines in their entirety, which means you have to comb through hundreds of pages just to find one article on, say, Victorian royalty, or recipes for an afternoon tea. Other sites also make it difficult to download or print individual articles. Here, you can instantly access dozens of articles on your favorite topics - plus, we make it easy to download or print the articles you want. (We recommend accessing this site from a computer or tablet, as our PDF files are often too large to view on a Smartphone.)


History, Biography & Royalty

Victorian and pre-Victorian architecture; castles, churches, villages
British and world folklore; folktales; flower lore; holiday folklore
19th century history; British history; world history; American history; archaeology
Objects & Antiquities
Interesting objects and oddities; antiquities; "how it's made" (in Victorian times); how it was made (in pre-Victorian times)
Historic figures; eminent Victorians; writers, artists, composers, musicians; travelers and adventurers; lady travelers; heroes and heroines; models of benevolence; eccentrics
Queen Victoria and family; the royal household; royal palaces, stables, kennels and aviaries; royal hobbies; contemporary royalty in other countries; historic royalty; Edward VII and Alexandra

The Victorian Home

Arts & Crafts
Embroidery, needlework, knitting, crochet; painting, drawing and sketching; painting of china, tiles, and fabrics; woodwork; metalwork; paper crafts; crafts for the home and nursery; "lost" crafts
Cooking & Dining
Meals and menus; entrees, main courses, soups, salads, vegetables; desserts; tea and teatime treats; international recipes; entertaining and social events
Gardens & Gardening
The Victorian garden; types of gardens; Japanese gardens; rose gardens; rock gardens; garden plants and flowers; herb gardens
House & Home
Victorian décor and decorating tips; furnishing the home; managing a budget; housekeeping and cleaning tips and techniques; household and market costs; managing the Victorian household budget; managing the servants; types of houses and homes
Servants & Service
Managing the servants; a servant's rights and responsibilities; the law of master and servant; finding a job in service
Victorian sheet music; notices and reviews of "new music"

Victorian Life

Business, Law & Finance
Business and financial institutions and practices; Victorian laws and legal systems; Victorian government; hospitals and medical facilities
Children & Childcare
Baby and child care tips; raising the Victorian child; childhood education; child health; childhood amusements and entertainments; nursery crafts
"Etiquette for all classes;" handling social occasions; calling and calling cards; etiquette in conversation and letters; the etiquette of host and guest
Victorian fashion year-by-year from The Girl's Own Paper (1880-1901); history of fashion; fashion controversies (e.g., the corset, undergarments); hats and hairstyles
Health & Medicine
General health; specific illnesses and treatments; children's health; diet tips for health; beauty tips and "recipes;" the health columns of "Medicus"
Holiday customs and celebrations in England and abroad
Indoor recreation and party games; boating; cricket; golf; riding; driving; the controversy over women's cycling
Social Life & Social Events
Social events and entertaining; children's parties; weddings and at-homes; social clubs; setting the table; social etiquette; court presentations and "high society" events
Victorian working conditions; jobs and career options for women; servants and service; work in farm, country, fishing and mining industries

Social & Women's Issues

The controversy surrounding "higher education for women;" women's colleges and educational institutions; exams and special courses; art schools; vocational training
Poverty & Charity
Lives of the Victorian poor; organized charities, homes and institutions; individual approaches to charity; mission work
Women's Changing Roles
A chronological look at the changing roles and views of women between 1880-1900

The Victorian World

Victorian America; America through British eyes; notable Americans; American history
The Colonies
The colonies of the British Empire: Canada, Australia, New Zealand, India, African colonies, etc.
Country & Village Life
Life in the Victorian country village; farm life; country and farm labor
Victorian London
Sights and destinations in Victorian London; haunted London; historic London; London civic institutions; social events in London; amenities and services
General travel tips and advice; how to travel by sea; short holidays within Britain; staying at the seaside; British travel destinations; European travel; "exotic" travel; travel to America; world cultures and peoples
World Cultures
Cultures, societies and peoples around the world, through Victorian eyes

Animals & Nature

Birds &and beasts through Victorian Eyes
Seasons in the countryside; British plants and wildflowers; plants and wildflowers of the world; the study of nature; by the sea
Care and management of the Victorian pet: Dogs, cats, birds, and more; tips on poultry-rearing and bee-keeping

OUR MAGAZINES: Articles on this site are drawn from such publications as The Girl's Own Paper/Annual, The Strand, The Illustrated London Almanac, Chatterbox, Ladies Realm, Windsor, Godey's Lady's Book, Peterson's Magazine, Demorest, Century, Harper's, and many others. You can also search for articles by magazine, or learn more about each publication.

Magazine Abbreviations:
C = Chatterbox   GOP = Girl's Own Paper   S = The Strand

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